KLONK! Kingsnight 2019
26 april 2019

Le Grand Hotel Central has been the place for years where legends were build & broken. Once famous for it’s IFFR afterparty’s, this is the first time Hoboken will take over the spot.
From the girls upstairs to the alco’s down at the bar, this place still has the vibe that’s becoming rarer and rarer in this godforsaken town.



Hall of Mirrors
+ Drunken Lion Soundsystem
+ D.J. Klapsalon
+ HEAZ (No Friends Club / The Multiverse)
+ …

Breakfast Club
– Swadolf
Jimi Hooker – Adult Entertainment
– o’Henn

Cosy Dark Chamber
* K.O. (USA)
* McBain (Stroom, Ghent)

Visual enlightenments by:
@etto.bubu from ETTO


opens at 23:00
at least till 05:00

presale: 10e

“Hoboken..will it really happen this time?!”
suprise act: free guarded wardrobe by Hotel Central

dress up to mess up