Art Floris - edition .0

Art Floris - edition .0

our first event since a long time

Art | Floris
edition 0.

Hidden in the west there's a poetic street with a nostalgic grandeur, called the Graaf Florisstraat. A quiet place, in the midst of the boasting westside. The perfect place to exhibit some exquisites.
We've selected a few artists and designers who will be showing their works, and a couple of vintage dealers selling pieces from their collections.

Participating artists & collectives:

Ropp Schouten
Iloy Drisdale
Not in New York (opening new location)
Lynn Somers
Sofri Sofri
MD-2 Architects

this event will take place outside, so we deem this relatively safe according latest news regarding Covid-19.
Nevertheless we will take all measures as instructed by the RIVM. Please do not come if you feel ill or not sure if it's safe to join.