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If your favorite THAT HAT already sold, and you are eager to get one yourself please let us know via email.
U can also give us your preferences, so we can consider them.
We will communicate them with Lisette and see what is possible.
Contact via email; adress below

>>> info@hobokenrotterdam.com



with this THAT-HAT you acquire a unique headpiece,
(take care, even good friends steal from eachother!)
to be worn with delight time after time, it's very durable. 

Roll the sides up and wear them indoor, or unrolll them totally and have cuddly warm ears in any kind of weather. 

In rain and snow THAT HAT keeps you dry for a very long time, as the wool is water repellent. If it get wet, just dry it over your teapot. People from the road service told us wool is also fire-resistant, so it's campfire-safe too. 

That Hat is a brand made by Lisette Delft.
All hats are individually hand made in the Netherlands, from German pure new double cooked wool.

 size 58 (M) 
fits most people
if u have another size, request can be made. -> email us :)